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Problem accepting calls snom M700 M65 Firmware 520 Branch 01


we are using 1x snom M700 with 7x M65 handsets on firmware 520 b01

with a 3CX cloud pbx. 

All 7 M65 are in one call que. When there is a call at this que every phone is ringing but you can't accept the call on every phone. It's randomly which telephone can accept the call. On the other phones nothing happen when accepting the call.

Do you have an idea to fix this issue?

Thanks in advanced.


This remember me of a known limitation: the maximum number of concurrent calls is reached. 
Does your handset M65 show the "Insufficient capacity / Insufficient resources" error?

See more under:

Best regards

snom support team


no that message didn't show up.

Just nothing happens when you accept the call.

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