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More options for remote provisioning of handset settings.

We are installing the M85 handsets in healthcare facilities and hospitals and integrating the nurse call system to send messages and voice calls from patient/bed calls directly to the handsets, connected to Grandstream UCM PBX.

The care staff are really wanting 3 added features:

1. Different ring tones for calls based on caller ID. *

2. Eliminate the call log - per phone choice.

3. Provide option to not audibly announce all alarms/messages when the handset is taken off the charger (with silent charging active) - when you take a phone off the charging cradle, 50 messaged from the previous evening start screaming.  The nurse call events have already been taken care of by staff but you can't turn the phone off while charging.  Nurses have to see every alarm and cancel/ack them manually.

I know item 1* is possible, but we would need to program every handset with every call point on the nurse call system as a contact.  Every toilet and bed in the 200-bed facility would need to be added to each handset contact list and then manually update each contact to change the ring tone for each handset.  Not realistic to do 400 call points on more than 50 handsets. 

I know we can push contacts to the handsets but seems like we can't add ring type to that xml.

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