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Lync with btoe on snom720 and VMware Horizon View


Having issues getting the snom720 to work with VMware Horizon View Client pcoip conneciton.

If I work on the VM through vSphere Console, pairing succeeds and the phone acts like its supposed to. If i start a call and have the snom720 selected as primary device, the number is dialed.

If I connect to the VM through VMware Horizon View client and its pcoip conneciton, I also get the btoe Manager paired up with the phone and i can select the snom720 as primary device, but when i start a call, the lync client dials by itself, snom720 doing nothing. Same goes if I connect through RDP.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Dont really understand why its working through vSphere console and not through remote protocoll.

Thx for your help



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