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Snom Bug?


Can some one try this and let me know if your phone crash's.

I want to know if it's only my setup or every Snom phone

Call an internal extension and let is ring until you get VM.

When you hear the voice mail prompt press * when the voice starts again press *.

When it prompts you to enter an extension press # then press # again and the phone crashes and reboots.


I tried it on a Snom D715 and a 720. You don't even have to make a call. Just press **## and the phone reboots. I know you can press **#* to reboot the phone but it seems **## reboots it too.

Is it a bug or an undocumented feature?



Hello Steve, Hello Alan,

this is a well known feature in Snom phones, since likely a decade.

Basically its Snom's: Control-Alt-Delete or Ctrl+Alt+Del aka the "three-finger salute" you know from Windows.

It just forces the phone to reboot, as designed.

You can use / perform it at any time of course.

Thanks and greetings from Berlin,
Jan, thanks for your reply.

I can not find any documentation that states that **## causes the phone to reboot. Can you point me to any documentation that says **## reboots the phone?




in this FAQ I found it. But it is more a note than a documentation.


We are very unhappy about this since this is the Key combo needed to use

 Lync\Skype for Business\Exchange VM to call another users.  So this "feature" is breaking a MAJOR part of our VM system. and not allowing other users from finding other users.

Are we  the only one company using Snom phones in a Lync  environment?

if you are too please let me know.

Kinda feels like we a beta testing the FW and Phones,

 Perhaps a feature enhancement to only allow the **#* and **## to only cause a reboot when the phone is hung up on hook.

We've already had one ID SCPP-1859 in order to have an option to disable or change reboot codes (**## and **#*).



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