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Snom PA1 IO controls

Hi Support,

We have a Lync2013 environment with a PA1.

We want to use it to ring a horn in our factory.

The speaker output of 4W 8Ohms is not even close to being enough.

So we want to use the IO ports to activate a relais that can trigger our existing Horns in the factory.

The only thing I can find is that you can trigger the Pins with 1* or 1# etc....

But we want the 3.3V or 12V pin to be triggered when a calls comes in.

(So it triggers like the loudspeaker)

There is no info whatsoever about anywhere on the web.

Please help me,



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I recall reading about using action URLs for this. Basically you put the URL to trigger the pin high in the action URL.

You will probably need some electronics to drive the relay as the pins don't have much power.

Action URLs are here.

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