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Snom Forum guidelines

Welcome to the Snom Forum!

General Guidelines:


By participating in this forum you agree not to post any obscene, vulgar, hateful, threatening or any other content violating any laws where you live. Violate this rule will cause you to being banned from this forum. You can face additional legal recourses too. 

The moderators may edit or delete any content infringing any part of this guideline.


Spam posts and unsolicited advertising will be removed and the user will be banned.Before posting please do a little homework: basic questions can be more quickly answered thorough documentation.Before posting please take a few minutes searching in the forum: finding an answer is quicker than waiting for a response.When posting your question please provide all the details, you will receive a more quick and appropriate answer.

For any technical issue please consider to open a Support request following the instructions reported here.

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